sa8008598 Harley-Davidson Die-Cut 3D Willie G Skull Logo Challenge Coin 1.75 in 8008598

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Harley-Davidson 3D Skull Challenge Coin , 8008598. Size: 1.75''. This Challenge Coin has a custom shape , die-cut to be a famous Willie G Skull logo. White & Silver. Made of thick , high-quality metal. Great gift for a friend or even yourself!SymbolArts was founded in 1986 by Utah-native , Mike Leatham , when he set out to establish a company that could provide both creative design and high quality finished products in the custom ring market. His efforts grew into a company that not only produces rings , but other types of high quality jewelry - badges , coins , patches , pins , key chains , collectible items , corporate goods and more! Harley-Davidson 3D Skull Challenge Coin

Size: 1.75'' Collectors Coin

Made of solid , high-quality metal

Finest detail & color

Silver & White

Manufacturer Part Number: 8008598