68207-07a Harley 68207-07A Smart Security System

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The H-D Smart Security System offers automatic self-arming and hands-free disarming for vehicle electronic security functions.
•Hands-Free Fob communicates directly on its own unique and individualized frequency with the Hands-Free Security Module and Antenna
• Attach the Hands-Free Fob to your vehicle ignition key ring , and as you upright your vehicle or switch the ignition on , the Hands-Free Fob will communicate the Security System "disarm" command allowing you to start your vehicle
• After riding your vehicle , park and switch the ignition off with your key. Within 5 seconds the Security System will automatically self-arm , disabling your vehicle starter , ignition and electronic fuel injection (EFI)
• Includes: Hands-Free Security Module (Integrated Security Sensor and Turn Signal Module or Body Control Module) , 2 Hands-Free Fobs , Antenna Module , Antenna Harness and Antenna Mount (Dyna models)


Fits '07-'17 VRSC (except VRSCF) , '07-'11 Dyna and '07-'10 Softail models (except FXCW and FXCWC).