68000218 Harley 68000218 Spectra Glo LED Lighting Controller Kit

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The Harley-Davidson Spectra Glo Lighting System brings ultra-bright LED lighting to your ride , utilizing RGB LED technology to produce over 500 shades of brilliant color. Controllable with a waterproof handheld wireless fob , simply use one button to select one of the 7 base colors , and then dial in the shade you desire. Choose to match the color of your bike , or add a contrasting tone from the wide spectrum of colors. Once you select a color , choose between solid , flash or fade modes with a tap of the remote control. At the core of the Spectra Glo system is the Lighting Controller.
•Hub for all the added Spectra Glo light options and syncs the color and mode selection between all the LEDs
• Compact waterproof controller box is hidden beneath the seat
• Activated with the included wireless remote fob
• Designed specifically for Harley-Davidson motorcycles
• Will not interfere with the bike's electronics
• Low draw LED lamps have a one-hour auto shut-off feature to preserve battery
• Includes Controller , Remote Control Fob with battery , and plug-in wiring harness
• Required for use with Spectra Glo components


Required for use with Spectra Glo components. '18-later Softail and �17-later Touring models require purchase of Vehicle Connection Kit P/N 69201526. All other vehicles require purchase of Vehicle Connection Kit P/N 69201636.

Contains button or coin cell battery. Keep out of reach of children. Ingestion can lead to death or serious injury. Choking , chemical burns and perforation of soft tissue may result. Severe burns can occur within 2 hours of ingestion or placement in any part of the body. Seek medical attention immediately.